ETSN: Peer Treatment Counselor Training Program: Learning and Helping Out
This program is offered in two levels: Level 1: “Helping Ourselves” aims at building skills in treatment literacy and communicating with health service providers. Level 2: “Helping Each Other” aims at building skills in providing culturally competent peer counselling support. This program was created as a collaborative project ¬†amongst ACAS, APAA, ASAAP, BCAP, CATIE and CSSP. It became a program of CAAT in 2010.

ETSN 2011 Update

Legacy: PHA Capacity Building Mentorship Project
This program engages PHA peers and allies to build structured mentorship relationships to facilitate life goal identification and more effective involvement in volunteerism or employment. This program is a partnership initiative led by the Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT) in collaboration with other organizations with ongoing PHA capacity building program.