Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment: The Legacy Project: a structured mentorship program to support long term PHA empowerment

Description of Program

This program engages PHA peers and allies to build structured mentorship relationships to facilitate life goal identification and more effective involvement in volunteerism or employment. This program is a partnership initiative led by the Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT) in collaboration with other organizations with ongoing PHA capacity building programs. (see below)

What is the required time commitment?

Initial mentorship training consists of 2 full days on the weekend. In addition, there will be quarterly reflective practice meetings as well as ongoing mentor/mentee matched pairs meeting defined by participants themselves.

What are the key skills gained by a PHA during this program?

  • Mentoring/Coaching skills
  • Identifying and exploring life goals
  • Understanding roles, boundaries and conflict of interest
  • Applying leadership & life skills in various volunteer and employment settings

Is there employment or volunteer opportunities related to this training within your organization? 

  • PHA graduates of the program will be invited to return as co-facilitators
  • Practicum opportunities will be created with partner agencies to provide placement for program participants

How can a PHA use the skills learned for another organization or workplace?

  • Key skills developed include effective peer mentoring and application of leadership skills in variety of volunteer and employment settings

When and how often is this program offered?

  • New series of training is offered twice a year.

Who can participate in this program?

  • Program mentees participants are PHAs who have completed capacity building training programs with one of our partner agencies:
  • AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Project of Ontario
  • Committee for Accessible Treatment HIV & Immigration Service Access Training
  • Ethno-racial Treatment Support Network peer treatment counselor training
  • Ontario AIDS Network Leadership Training
  • Ontario HIV Treatment Network Peer Research Assistant Training
  • Africans and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario
  • Toronto People with AIDS Foundation Speakers Bureau Training

Mentors are PHAs and non-PHA community leaders with relevant skills, experiences and are committed to the vision of the program.

How does a PHA become involved in this program?

Contact: CAAT Legacy Project Coordinator at (416)-364-3030 ext 2318 or via e-mail